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Songs that Dared to Be Different PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 08 March 2008 14:41
- *"Fred From Jupiter" by Digette - *[[Electric Dreams|"(Together in) Electric Dreams"]] by Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - *"This is Ponderous" by [ 2NU] - *"[[Echo Beach]]" by [[Martha and the Muffins]] - *"[[Spirit in the Sky]]" by [[Doctor and the Medics|Doctor & the Medics]] - *"Don't Say That's Just For Fat Boys" by the DeBella Heads - *[[Obsession (song)|"Obsession"]] by [[Michael Des Barres]] and [[Holly Knight]] - *"Amok!" by Ledernacken - *"Buffy Buffy Come Back To Me" by Angel & The Reruns - *"Ambition" by [[Dalek I Love You (band)|Dalek I Love You]] - *"Jet Boy Jet Girl" by [[Elton Motello]] - *"Fujiyamamomma" by [[Frank Chickens]] - *"Pearl in the Shell" by [[Howard Jones (musician)|Howard Jones]] - *"The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" by [[Julie Brown]] - *"Johnny Are You Queer?" by [[Josie Cotton]] - *"Love & Pride" by King - *"Lucky Number" by [[Lene Lovich]] - *"Safe From Harm" by [[Massive Attack]] - *"Living in a Dream" by [[Pseudo Echo]] - *"The Sweater" by [[Meryn Cadell]] - *"[[November Spawned a Monster]]" by [[Morrissey]] - *"My Girl" by [[Chilliwack]] - *"Shaking the Tree" By [[Peter Gabriel]] & [[Youssou N'Dour]] - *"The Different Story" by [[Peter Schilling]] - *"Cuts You Up" by [[Peter Murphy]] - *"Ça Plane Pour Moi" by [[Plastic Bertrand]] - *"[[Never Say Never (song)|Never Say Never]]" by [[Romeo Void]] - *"Sexbeat" by Sexbeat - *"Like a Drug" by They Eat Their Own - *"[[Here's Where the Story Ends]]" by [[the Sundays]] - *"All Lined Up" by [[Shriekback]] - *"Hippychick" by [[Soho (band)|Soho]] - *"Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)" by [[The Flirts]] - *"Run Me Down" by [[The Higsons]] - *"Justified and Ancient" by The [[KLF]] and [[Tammy Wynette]] - *"Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide" by The Kings - *"88 Lines About 44 Women" by [[The Nails]] - *"Painted Moon" by [[The Silencers]] - *"TV is King" by [[The Tubes]] - *"Don't Let's Start" by [[They Might Be Giants]] - *"Moving In Stereo" by [[The Cars]] - *"Boom Boom" by [[Trio (band)|Trio]] - *"Da Da Da" by [[Trio (band)|Trio]] - *"Tighten Up" by [[Yellow Magic Orchestra|Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO)]] - *"The Promise" by [[When in Rome (band)|When In Rome]] - *"Beat of Love" by [[Voice of the Beehive]] - *"Zoo Busters" by LIR All-Stars - *"Canary Song" by Cross Fire Choir - *"I'm Supposed to Have Sex With You" by [[Tonio K]] - *"Jesus on the Payroll" by [[Thrashing Doves]] - *"Shoot You Down" by [[APB the band|APB]] - *"What Does Sex Mean To Me" by [[Human Sexual Response (band)|Human Sexual Response]] - *"I Don't Want a Lover" by [[Texas (band) | Texas]] - *"I Wonder Who's Out Tonight" by Burns Sisters Band - *"Way of Life" by Puppets - *"I Want It All" by Eve's Plumb - *"Rocks" by [[Primal Scream]] - *"[[Creep (Radiohead song)|Creep]]" by [[Radiohead]] - *"Shock Den Affen" by Peter Gabriel - *"Open Your Eyes" by [[Lords of the New Church]] - *"Wolfman Tap" by Electric Guitars - *"Full of Love" by Dr. Calculus (aka [[Stephen_Duffy |Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy]]) - *"Punks, Get Off The Grass" by [[Edie and the Eggs]] - *"The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" by Dominatrix - *"Lawnchairs" by [[Our Daughter's Wedding]] - *"Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head" by [[They Might Be Giants]]