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Gary Cee is at the Home of Rock N' Roll

You can pipe into to Gary Cee at the Home of Rock n' Roll in the Hudson Valley at 101.5 WPDH-FM.

Gary plays all your hits from 3 - 7 P.M. EST weekdays from nearby Poughkeepsie, New York.! Click here to listen >>

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Songs that Dared to Be Different PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 08 March 2008 14:41
- *"Fred From Jupiter" by Digette - *[[Electric Dreams|"(Together in) Electric Dreams"]] by Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - *"This is Ponderous" by [ 2NU] - *"[[Echo Beach]]" by [[Martha and the Muffins]] - *"[[Spirit in the Sky]]" by [[Doctor and the Medics|Doctor & the Medics]] - *"Don't Say That's Just For Fat Boys" by the DeBella Heads - *[[Obsession (song)|"Obsession"]] by [[Michael Des Barres]] and [[Holly Knight]] - *"Amok!" by Ledernacken - *"Buffy Buffy Come Back To Me" by Angel & The Reruns - *"Ambition" by [[Dalek I Love You (band)|Dalek I Love You]] - *"Jet Boy Jet Girl" by [[Elton Motello]] - *"Fujiyamamomma" by [[Frank Chickens]] - *"Pearl in the Shell" by [[Howard Jones (musician)|Howard Jones]] - *"The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" by [[Julie Brown]] - *"Johnny Are You Queer?" by [[Josie Cotton]] - *"Love & Pride" by King - *"Lucky Number" by [[Lene Lovich]] - *"Safe From Harm" by [[Massive Attack]] - *"Living in a Dream" by [[Pseudo Echo]] - *"The Sweater" by [[Meryn Cadell]] - *"[[November Spawned a Monster]]" by [[Morrissey]] - *"My Girl" by [[Chilliwack]] - *"Shaking the Tree" By [[Peter Gabriel]] & [[Youssou N'Dour]] - *"The Different Story" by [[Peter Schilling]] - *"Cuts You Up" by [[Peter Murphy]] - *"Ça Plane Pour Moi" by [[Plastic Bertrand]] - *"[[Never Say Never (song)|Never Say Never]]" by [[Romeo Void]] - *"Sexbeat" by Sexbeat - *"Like a Drug" by They Eat Their Own - *"[[Here's Where the Story Ends]]" by [[the Sundays]] - *"All Lined Up" by [[Shriekback]] - *"Hippychick" by [[Soho (band)|Soho]] - *"Jukebox (Don't Put Another Dime)" by [[The Flirts]] - *"Run Me Down" by [[The Higsons]] - *"Justified and Ancient" by The [[KLF]] and [[Tammy Wynette]] - *"Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide" by The Kings - *"88 Lines About 44 Women" by [[The Nails]] - *"Painted Moon" by [[The Silencers]] - *"TV is King" by [[The Tubes]] - *"Don't Let's Start" by [[They Might Be Giants]] - *"Moving In Stereo" by [[The Cars]] - *"Boom Boom" by [[Trio (band)|Trio]] - *"Da Da Da" by [[Trio (band)|Trio]] - *"Tighten Up" by [[Yellow Magic Orchestra|Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO)]] - *"The Promise" by [[When in Rome (band)|When In Rome]] - *"Beat of Love" by [[Voice of the Beehive]] - *"Zoo Busters" by LIR All-Stars - *"Canary Song" by Cross Fire Choir - *"I'm Supposed to Have Sex With You" by [[Tonio K]] - *"Jesus on the Payroll" by [[Thrashing Doves]] - *"Shoot You Down" by [[APB the band|APB]] - *"What Does Sex Mean To Me" by [[Human Sexual Response (band)|Human Sexual Response]] - *"I Don't Want a Lover" by [[Texas (band) | Texas]] - *"I Wonder Who's Out Tonight" by Burns Sisters Band - *"Way of Life" by Puppets - *"I Want It All" by Eve's Plumb - *"Rocks" by [[Primal Scream]] - *"[[Creep (Radiohead song)|Creep]]" by [[Radiohead]] - *"Shock Den Affen" by Peter Gabriel - *"Open Your Eyes" by [[Lords of the New Church]] - *"Wolfman Tap" by Electric Guitars - *"Full of Love" by Dr. Calculus (aka [[Stephen_Duffy |Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy]]) - *"Punks, Get Off The Grass" by [[Edie and the Eggs]] - *"The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" by Dominatrix - *"Lawnchairs" by [[Our Daughter's Wedding]] - *"Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head" by [[They Might Be Giants]]