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Digitizing a 92.7 Chart Show moment PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 March 2008 00:00
New Aircheck!
The Chart Show

Upon discovering a copy of an old WDRE chart show from April of 1989 and yet another from the early summer of 1990, I had an opportunity to listen to and interesting conversation between Malibu Sue and Denis McNamera.

 What a nice treat it was to have them talk about the Depeche Mode and Sue's opportunity to be a bit of a movie star while they were producing the Depeche Mode 101 album at the time.

Surprisingly, I'm still very much impressed by the amount of production and writing that when on behind-the-scenes with the help all the the faithful Maryann and Robert Greenbaum.

I can still remember listening to shows were Dennis would take a peek into the WDRE Archive in order to pull out some rare gem that we had all forgotten from what was popular some five or 10 years earlier when the musical format was just in its infancy.

If you want to discover more of these rare moments, why not look throughout your own collection and make an exchange with the 92.7 Archive in an attempt to preserve as many of these rare moments on audiotape as possible.

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