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About the Archive PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 May 2001 00:00

Hello and welcome to The 92.7 Archive - the original tribute site of WLIR and WDRE on the FM radio dial! We are dedicated to archiving all sorts of information about the birth of the very first classic alternative radio station in the New York Metropolitan Area from the late 70s right up until most recently, January of this past year!

Our website - May 1991Our goal as always has been to chronicle the continuing changes in the musical format found in the tri-state area! If any of us could find a place on the web to re-discover what made radio exciting and magical for each of us during the New Wave period of the 80s and the New Rock period of the 90s... we want this site to be it.

Whether you called it New Wave, Punk, Brit- or Synth Pop, Modern Rock, Alternative, or Seattle-based Grunge, we have gone through countless collections of old TDK-90 and MAXELL 60 tapes to locate and dust off a multitude of rare gems from what many people now fondly remember as the post baby-boomer "one-hit wonder" radio time frame.

And with the brand new look and feel of the site, it can now be said, "it's been done!" The creation of a brand new look for the 92.7 Archive has been integrated with even more enhancements provided by the latest content management and discussion forum programing alike.

Not to mention the amount of encouragement and support received from a variety of New Wave Artists and creators of the original 92.7 sound. During a recent Malibu Sue Radio Reunion, we were able to interact with some of the most amazing supporters of the One Hit Wonders of the by-gone era - the original DJs themselves.

They support our non-profit cause and also feel that we need to preserve as much of the sounds and images we all admire and were fond of during that time.

Larry the Duck & DJ friendsIn creating this labor of love over the past 15 years, I have had the good fortune to meet or correspond with many of the key air-personalities as well as some good fans and friends of the music and musicians which have made this non-profit site what it is today!

Whether you were an avid listener of John Debella, Bob Waugh, Denis McNamera, Duck, Malibu Sue, Donna Donna, Andre or Danny Toy, you are bound to find something somewhere on this site that will interest you!

For example, the Archive is now home to over 3,100 song titles that Maxx has personally tracked and provided us for uploading. In addition, we continue to support quality over quantity and glitz connected with the latest web, HTML, and page scripting code. We want viewers and fans to find this a constant resource for what the DJs have been upto in recent years, especially since the genre, airplay, and the entire alternative music scene has become mainstreamed while "independant" is equivalent to yesteryear's alternative/modern rock sound.

With this newest published version of the site, we have also rolled out the proverbial "barrel” to crank up the site’s purpose and content, without sacrificing all of the features we started with – namely, providing the best up-to-the-minute resources for new music enthusiasts and 92.7 fans across the NY metro area! More news, commentary, reviews, and feedback should appear on the site with the use of newly updated voice recognition software, called IBM's ViaVoice USB Pro - a great product for all web site creators! This product will allow us to add even more information QUICKLY for our visitors and members to find even easier than ever before.

Malibu Sue, Bob Wilson & MyselfFor those of you who have emailed looking for the old navigation menu items, please be patient! We have not abandoned to our “DJs Past and Present” page, top countdown lists, as well as past screamers and shrieks links, instead we continue to streamline navigation. They too, continue to be updated to blend in with the existing theme and appearance of our pages. In addition, members can now add their own quotations for others to view when posting comments on the forum and a photo album for all members to contribute their own listing of current music rotations is up and running with final adjustments just around the bend.

DJ Bird meeting with fans!While those of us growing up during that this time fondly remember the yesteryear proms, high school dating scene, and a whole host of John Hughes films, we can't help but contribute our 2 cents worth on a time sadly missed. To this end, we dedicated this site to all the 92.7 fans looking for a bit of punk rock band nostalgia, whether they be listeners of WLIR or WDRE. Hopefully, reviewing the growing lists of resources on this site will even encourage newer music fans discover the roots of many of today newer artists and techno sounds. Such bands draw many of their influences from the groundwork first established by early gothic, ska-style, and independent artists from the past. May your visit here be rewarded by a re-discovery of obscure, yet hard-to-find "one-hit wonders," not to mention a whole host of classic 80s new wave cuts from Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, and Simple Minds. Enjoy!

It is our hope that that the newly revised web site will be easier for all to navigate, more secure, more open ended without the need for entering passwords to simply view the latest news feeds and frequent uploads in a more user-friendly way. However, bear in mind that member sign-in will still be needed for posting remarks or voting on your favorite weekly screech of the week, an unfortunate necessity to avoid voter tampering. All in all it should make everyone's life a little bit easier. Enjoy!


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