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DJs (1980-1983) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 February 2007 08:59

John Caraciola a.k.a. Johnny McFly (dates pending) - John Caraciola has worked for the 92.7 frequency in many different capacities.

Today, he is CEO of The Morey Organization and owns the web domain for the original radio station (  

During the early years he was behind the mic as Johnny McFly. Later, his role has become much more administrative for the The Morey Organization, present owners of the station, which dared to be different.

Today, John is now back behind the mic on a regular basis and hosts the weekly "Saturday Flashback Show" on the 107.1 frequency, which is now based in Suffolk County, specifically Hampton Bays, Long Island. The shows gives local listeners a chance to hear original classics like Soviet Snow,

Larry The Duck (1981-2003) - Larry has been broadcasting in the Long Island for more than 20 years and a good part of them with WLIR, than WDRE, next back to WLIR.

As a local graduate of St. Johns, he keeps one finger on the pulse of all things "new wave" and travels quite a bit around the country to track some of the bands still contributing to the music that first hit the 92.7 frequency during the 80s and 90s.

Today, he can be heard on the Sirius Satellite Radio Station First Wave, along with Richard Blade, Freddy Snakeskin, and other well known radio personalities which helped form the sound we largely think back on as brit pop, classic alternative, and 80s new wave. If you listen to his Saturday shift, you can contact him by email at sirius anytime with any of your old 92.7 requests.

Malibu Sue (1980-2003) - Bio Pending


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