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Gary Cee is at the Home of Rock N' Roll

You can pipe into to Gary Cee at the Home of Rock n' Roll in the Hudson Valley at 101.5 WPDH-FM.

Gary plays all your hits from 3 - 7 P.M. EST weekdays from nearby Poughkeepsie, New York.! Click here to listen >>

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Wednesday, 28 February 2007 08:59

Delphine Blue (1985-1986) - I got my job at WLIR because the station was doing co promotions at the Ritz on East 11th street where I had been djing for five years. Larry the Duck was instrumental in making it happen as he would hang in the dj booth on nights when he announced the band. I see Larry at Sirius off and on now because we both do First Wave. I also saw Denis McNamara for the first time in nineteen yeas a few weeks ago, also at Sirius.

WLIR was great. I loved it. Its the only commercial radio gig I had because after the year I worked there, playlists at radio stations all over the country shrank with no choice for djs in terms of music or their knowledge, except perhaps at LIR. So I continued my career on non-commercial radio. I was at WBAI in Manhattan for 14 years. Then I went to WFUV and now I'm on Sirius 26, 25 and 22 as well as and and occasionally on WBAI 99.5fm. I really loved working at WLIR and am glad I'm part of its legacy...

Maxx (1985-1990) - "In my civilian life I program/produce in-store music video networks. If you go into a Foot Locker or Champs Sports, the video program is what my company produces.

In Seattle I worked for Muzak as head of their music video division - and no, we didn't program elevator music videos! But, particularly after 9/11, I really wanted to return home and so am doing similar work for a NY-based company." "Where can you hear me? Well, I'm flattered that you want to but right now, nowhere! I enjoyed DJing on LIR/DRE, but mostly because of the music."

The Cat (dates pending) - Started working in New York before meeting her husband, Coach star I started working at WDRE. I lived in Toronto for many years before going to NY. I did a bunch of TV & film stuff (SCTV among others) but I suppose my most well known gig was at MUCHMUSIC. I was their first female VJ- a rather dubious honour which certainly dates me! I started in radio in New york at WDRE. Warren (station mgr at the time) knew me from Toronto & had always wanted me to do radio. I had done a few radio comedy shows but not an on air person.So he finally convinced me.I have been doing a lot of singing these days. I sing Jazz, blues, standards etc & perform sporadically around the greater Los Angeles Area.

Laurie Gail - (dates pending) - Worked at WFNX in Boston as Music Director from 1990-2000. I am a programmer for Promo Only, I pick tracks for their Alternative Club disc and work on Promo Only MPE, their digital delivery system.

I worked as a Music Supervisor on compilation CDs for retail promotions, worked at Instant Live/Clear Channel, I work for an artist management company, and serve as fashion stylist for music video shoots. All in my home town of Boston, MA.

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